Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mudroom Update: Sully's Dog Nook

Wow, how is it already June!?  With summer weather coming around, we've been focusing a bit more on our outdoor projects, however we really needed to get all of Sullivan's stuff organized and all in one spot.  We have already had him close to 6 months - time has just flown by!  I was finally able to get his little dog nook set up in our mudroom.  Now it's so easy to find what we need and grab things on the go.

I wanted to keep things simple and clean for our mudroom, but also wanted a bit of color.  I knew I needed a shelf and hooks, and I wanted glass jars for Sully's treats.  I finally found a shelf that was exactly what I was looking for at Ikea - simple and white.  While I was there I found the most perfect hooks ever at a price that couldn't be better!  I am beyond excited!  They also had these awesome glass jars that are great for his treats.

I bought different sized jars to store Sully's treats.  I tried to choose jars that would fit the whole package and chose treats that we seem to buy regularly.

These hooks will be used for leashes and potty bags - used many times a day.  We use the leash for quick in and outs, and the harness for going on walks.

We also needed a storage container for Sully's food.  I wanted it to be stylish, but also easily accessible.  When the dog food storage container first came, it was difficult to get the top off.  I was super bummed  We decided to give it a try to see if it would loosen up a bit, and it has.  I'm so happy it works, because I love the style, and that it fits an entire bag of dog food perfectly.

I love that we were able to find the clear glass jars and not have to spend a ton of money on them.  I really wanted to be able to store Sully's treats in airtight containers, and not have to deal with those messy packages that are hard to get shut and don't always seal all the way.  I also love the idea of displaying them instead of keeping them hidden inside the bench, which is what we had been doing.  Now the bench stores things we don't use as frequently (brushes, large bones, his to-go food dish for when I bring him to work).

I also added this adorable woof container, however I didn't have it at the time I took these photos.  It's a nice place to store Sully's larger treats (like pig ears or Greenies).  I switched it out with the adorable milk glass vase that is holding flowers in the above photo.

I also love that we are able to add flowers in here too!  We aren't able to keep flowers in the main part of our house because our cats will get into them, and most are toxic.  And if they aren't toxic, the kitties will still destroy the plants anyway.  These plants (catnip and cat-grass) are still cat-friendly, just in case.

We're still working on finishing the mudroom, but for now, I'm just so happy this little area is complete.  It makes life with a pupper so much easier, organized, and pretty.

Shopping Resources

Small, Medium, and Large Korken jars from Ikea

Lack shelf from in whilte from Ikea

Bästis dog tail hooks in red, orange, and pink from Ikea

Kardemumma planter with horizontal lines in white from Ikea

Papaja planter in green from Ikea

Milk glass hobnail vase in white from BHLDN