Tuesday, January 21, 2014

introducing my hubby, matt!

Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography
Well, here he is folks!  My hubby, Matt!  I could write a novel on him and our story, really, but I thought a shorter introduction would do!  Guys, I love this guy so much!  He's the kindest, most loving person.  Ever.  My favorite thing about him is how much he loves our babies {cuz really, I couldn't truly love anyone as much if they weren't as crazy about animals as I am}!  He has such a kind nature and can get along with anyone.  Seriously, I don't know how he does it!

A little about Matt.... He has two siblings - an older brother and sister, parents who love him, and he grew up with a house full of pets - currently three dogs {two large labradors and one tiny yorkie} and four cats at his parents' place!  He grew up with a Saint Bernard, so he has a love for large dogs, as do I!  He graduated with a bachelors degree in law enforcement a couple years ago.  He realized it wasn't the right career for him, and has since been perusing a degree in computer science {totally up his alley - he was made for it}!  Besides loving animals, he also has a huge love for video games and is a foodie {as am I} and we love going to restaurants, maybe a little too frequently.  We both love going for walks around the lakes in the summer and LOVE snow, though neither of us get outside to play in it year resolution maybe?

Photos by Laura Ivanova Photography 
Our story:

Matt and I met in high school when I was about 16 {I actually met him through the guy boy I was dating at the time}.  Matt pulled up in his convertible Eclipse {one of my favorite cars at the time}, and he was shirtless and shoe-less.  O.M.G. for a high school girl, right?!  He was also the sweetest and funniest guy I had met.  The first time I met him was when I had just gotten my first car.  We were discussing how large the trunk was {don't ask me why}, and he decided to get in the trunk just to prove it!  He made himself very memorable - I mean, love at first sight, right?! - and I went home to tell my mom all about him!  We had seen each other a few times after that, had seen how awesome he was with his MANY pets, and that was it for quite a while.  Then, while we were in college, his name popped up on Facebook and I messaged him, just to say "hi" and asked him what he was up to!

After a little messaging back and forth on Facebook we met and started dating!  The first time I told my mom I was getting together with a guy named Matt, she said "wait, is this the Matt?  The same Matt you told me about in high school?"  Yep!  That would be him!  We were hooked on each other immediately and basically haven't been apart much since!  We finished our college degrees, spent many late nights playing video games {yes, I like some of them too!}, and we love sitting outside by the fire or in the hot tub.  So relaxing!  After about 3 years, we decided to build our first home.  We were thinking about getting a townhome, however a single family home really wasn't a whole lot more expensive with the market how it was.  We knew we'd eventually want a single family home when we start a family, so we decided to go for it!

Matt and I lived really close to where we were building our home, so we visited the home a lot!  Almost every day, a lot.  We had an amazing summer watching our home being built and took photos of the entire process {future blog post?}!  When we were getting to the end stages of building, Matt and I went to look at our home.  When we got inside we were pleasantly surprised with a new home!  It was the first day that nearly everything was finished, all the floor coverings were gone from all the wood, tile, and carpeted surfaces, no more plastic over the cabinets, etc. etc.  It was awesome!  Matt and I rushed through the house to see each room as it would be when we moved in.  We ran upstairs into our master bedroom, then our bathroom.  I was so excited about all the tile-work.  We could finally see our little design come to life!

As I was looking around the room, I heard Matt call my name.  I went to walk down the little hallway leading to our bedroom, and there Matt was.  Down on one knee, holding a gorgeous engagement ring, asking me to marry him and be his wife!  It was one of the happiest moments of my life!  The most perfect man in the world was asking ME to marry him.  To be HIS wife!  AHH!!  I jumped up and down, hugged him, jumped into his arms {and banged my knee on the wall}, and we kissed!  What an amazing moment!  We finished looking through the house, and I was all smiles.  We were all smiles!  After we left the house we went to my parent's house and told them the exciting news!  Matt had asked for their permission, but they didn't know when he was going to propose {and neither did he - he was waiting for the perfect moment}!  I just love reliving that day!  I always thought I would see it coming, but I didn't, not at all! I love that I was so surprised!!

Just Engaged!!
Photos by Laura Ivanova Photography
We spent the next two years planning our wedding!  I couldn't wait to start!  Matt was an awesome fiancé throughout the whole planning process.  The best!  He came to every single meeting we had with different vendors, gave his opinion if he had a preference, and left the rest to me!  Exactly what I would have hoped for!  Our wedding was truly a collaboration of us.  Our wedding day was the most magical day ever, and we both wish we could re-live it over and over!  Now it's back to reality.  Matt is back in school working hard towards getting his degree in computer science, playing video games like always, working nights {this actually works out pretty well for our schedules}, and playing with our adorable fur-babies!  He's the most amazing husband, and I'm so happy I get to be with him forever!

Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography