Hello!  Glad you stopped by!

I am very new to blogging, so please bear with me as I learn my blogging style and how to run this website!  

I am a wife {still in the newlywed phase}!  I married my hubby, Matt, in early September 2013!  I am a mama to {now} 3 fur-babies!  We have two kitties who are now 5 years old {wow, how time flies}!  Finnegan is a tabby and Odin is a snowshoe.  Yes, they are the most adorable cats you could ever see!  They are my babies.  Matt and I just got a puppy this past Christmas as well, and his name is Sullivan {Sully}!  He is a mix breed, but will hopefully grow into a large dog!

I live in in the suburbs outside Minneapolis and love it here!  I met Matt while I was in high school and we started dating a little over 5 years ago while we were both in college.  Matt and I have been nearly inseparable since {in a fantastic way!}, and were able to build an awesome home that we love just a little over two years ago.  We are slowly making progress furnishing our home {well, it's mostly furnished except for some pretty bare walls, just maybe not how I envision the design/style} - it's a work in progress!  Matt proposed to me in our home as well!  I'll have to leave that story for a blog post!

I went to college and received my bachelors degree in Interior Design.  It was very difficult to find work, so I started pursuing other options.  I have a huge love for animals, so I thought I many want to go back to school to be a veterinarian.  I found a job very quickly in the field, and I currently work at a veterinary hospital.  I love working with pets, however I have decided being a veterinarian isn't for me, as I need to be more creative in my daily life and work more closely with people.  After planning my wedding over the past two years and everything coming to a halt after our wedding, I have decided I would LOVE getting into the wedding industry.  I have a love for photography, stationary design, floral design, styling - just about everything!  I'm ready!  Let's see where this path takes me!